Do good and make money
super summit 2019

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders that want insight, inspiration and actionable ideas for more impact, influence and income.

8 day super summit, 76+ speakers & panelists, no cost to join 

september 23-30, 2019

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super summit speakers featured in:

Your Future Success Starts Now

And We'll Show You How!

A handpicked lineup of 76+ world class entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders will share actionable ideas and insights on how to start, grow and scale your business and your impact.

Four tracks each day:

- #1 - Starting Your Venture

- #2 - Your First $100,000

- #3 - Your First Million

- #4 - Scaling To Eight Figures

Each day our presenters will share their best ideas on our topic of the day: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Systems, Money Mastery, Leadership & Strategy, Abundant Life, Right People - Spectacular Results, and Over Delivering Value.

not just another summit but a super summit

For the first time one Summit tackles all eight areas of starting, running and scaling your business or your non-profit. Each speaker has been selected for their ability to provide actionable ideas, insights and inspiration.

And with 100% of net proceeds to our two Causes:   - The Living Legacy Institute and
 - The Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute

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