want to be a hero in your home town?

In addition to our Sponsors and our Cause of the Day, we wanted to create a way to generate off-line excitement in a local market.

Enter our brand new idea, 
becoming a Hero In Your Hometown Sponsor.

Watch the video and read the details below...

hero in your hometown video

hero in your hometown sponsorship

We believe that entrepreneurs and non-profits can be the greatest force for good on the planet. And in our neighbourhoods. And this is designed to celebrate that, and honour local businesses and non-profits at the same time.

If we accept you, we will provide everything you need to run a local Radio and TV Scholarship Contest to encourage local businesses and local non-profits to register for the Super Summit.

Your role is to manage a local media event. 

You find a local radio station and TV station that target entrepreneurs and non-profits. You pitch them on running this contest. 

You offer $125,000 in scholarships for the contest (more on that in a moment). 

You help manage this event, and you help narrow down the applicants for the scholarships.

This is designed to be a December or January event in your market.

In addition to building a high trust relationship with the local media and their on-air personalities, and getting credit for being the local presenting sponsor, all of those that enrol in the Super Summit via your referral link, will earn you referral fees.

A true triple-win!!!

And your investment, with all our help and support is $1,000 USD. 

And remember, all net proceeds from this Summit goes to our two non-profits, so you're doing good while making money at the same time.

Oh, and there will be only one Hero In Your Home Town Sponsor for each Metropolitan Statistical Area (or MSA) in the US and the same equivalent abroad. See details below.

If you're interested complete the mini application below. And if you have any questions email tom@entrepreneurempowerment.org

Julia Felton & Tom Matzen, 
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

what area can I pick?

Great question. In the US we're using Metropolitan Statistical Areas, or MSA's.

These vary in size from 19 million to 55, 000 in the 383 MSAs in America. See the US options here.

In other countries, the idea is the same. An entire city or metro city area. Small or big, we want to reach entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders across the globe.

our support

We're creating this as a brand new way to massively increase the impact, influence and even income for all.

As a result, we'll have graphics, audio and video clips, opt-in webpages, referral contests, and on-line voting pages.

You become the hero leading the charge to salute entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders in your market, and give away $125,000 in scholarships.

Pretty cool. 

If you're inspired, apply now. And if you have any questions email tom@entrepreneurempowerment.org

Julia Felton & Tom Matzen
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

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