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Our mission is to help inspire purpose-driven entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders to have more insight, inspiration and actionable ideas so that they can have more impact, influence and income.

But that goal will only happen if you and other Referral Partners get inspired to share our Super Summit.

We want you to support our mission. We want you to join our movement. And we want you to earn some cash and prizes along the way. 

Let's dig in...

support our mission

One hundred percent of our net profits will be donated to our two causes, The Impact Igniters Foundation and the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute.

The Impact Igniters Foundation is all about helping disadvantaged women and children build confidence, self-esteem and improve their well-being through training, mentoring and coaching as well as learning and development experiences with horses.   Learn more.

The Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute wants to reverse the failure rate of small business across the globe. Learn more.

When you support this Super Summit, know it makes a big difference.

join the movement, help us inspire others to do good and make money at the same time

75+ speakers sharing actionable insights, eight topics, four tracks, all broadcast Feb, 1-8 2021

We're calling this a Super Summit for several reasons, but mainly because we'll have so much awesome information with actionable insights that your tribe will be so glad you shared this Summit with them.

Pre-Summit registration begins 8th January 2021, giving you a full four weeks to fit us in on your calendar. The earlier the better though, as we have some awesome bonus material we'll be sharing in late December.

Our goal is simple. The most valuable Summit they've ever attended. 

And that means they'll love you even more!!

Earn some cash & prizes

Whether you have a small but enthusiastic list, or a large and diverse list, we have cash and prizes for you.

And yes, because we're raising money for our two causes, you're welcome to donate any earnings like some of our sponsors have done in the past. It's appreciated, but not needed. We're happy if you earn some cash.

everyone can win - prizes

Every single opt-in matters to us. It's one more life we can positively impact and inspire.

As a result we have some amazing rewards for each and every one of you that reach these opt-in registration levels:

- first 5 opt-ins, and you get one year's access to all the 2021 and 2019 Summit recordings (to use or give away), value $97 each. This way we will ensure that as many attendees as possible get to learn how business and entrepreneurship can make a real difference and help influence some of the most challenging problems in the world.

- 25 total opt-ins and we'll get you access to the Strategic Alliance Mastery Program Academy, a five module deep dive training, with coaching and templates, on doing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, value $10,000 each! or choose the Game Changer Program Academy, a four month coaching program and deep dive training on creating your own high-ticket, high-margin and high-impact program that guarantees results for your Clients, value $10,000!!

You sign up just 25 or more, you get your choice. 50 or more you get both.


Top ten can win - prizes

So you're a heavy hitter, building your own movement? Perhaps you run your own non-profit. Perhaps you're a social media influencer that reaches entrepreneurs and non-profits in droves.

Either way, we have very special prizes for the highest achieving Referral Partners. Normal affiliate rules apply (ie no ballot stuffing, be honourable, be nice).

That said here we go.

The top ten Referral Partners get your choice of one of two amazing Programs/Masterminds.

First, the Embark Million Dollar Authority team will provide their Strategic Alliance Mastermind for 12 months!! 

This is a $25,000 Program, and is filled with change-makers that are making a huge impact in the world, and wanting even more impact. We meet twice a month, doing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. 

Second, the Impact Igniter Team will provide full access to their Seven Figure Impact Ignition Program, a twelve month online training and Mastermind program. Value $25,000. This Program is designed to help you scale your business so you can create more income whilst delivering massive impact and contribution to the causes you hold close to your heart

Value of all ten prizes is $250,000.

Next up, our Top Three Referral Partners.

If you earn your way into the Top Three from Summit Registrations from 8th January to midnight PST, 31st January 2021 you will earn a complimentary place at Embark Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit.

We are planning on holding this summit at three different locations during 2021 - Bali, Kauai and the Canary Islands. Simply chose the location you prefer and get yourself there. We will cover all your accommodation, food and drink during the event, and waive the $25,000 ticket fee.

The Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit is our signature event where we guarantee you will create a number of joint ventures and alliances that will generate you at least $1,000,000 in income in the next twelve months after the event.

Total Value of all three $75,000.

And our Grand Prize, for the number one Referral Partner is a fully paid for place at one of our Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summits, including Business Class Airfare to the event destination of your choice. 

Kauai, Bali or Canary Islands, which will you choose?

You get to join us at the Million Dollar Strategic Alliance Summit as our guest and have full VIP access to all areas of the event, including personal introductions to potential alliance partners. This is an invaluable opportunity that has the potential to radically transform your business.

This program investment is $25,000 plus the Business Class Airfare (depending on which location you choose, this could be another $10,000!!) and is yours if you end up number one.

Together, number one Referral Partner earns up to $35,000 in prizes.

Boom chaka lacka!!

Julia Felton & Tom Matzen, 
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

altogether $860,000 in prizes guaranteed

dang, do good and make money at the same time!

We want to raise a lot of money for our two non-profits, and impacts tens of thousands during this Super Summit. 

We hope you'll join the movement, support the mission, & earn some cash at the same time.

Julia Felton and Tom Matzen
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

yes, i want to join the movement, support the mission and earn some cash at the same time 

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