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Our mission is to help inspire purpose-driven entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders to have more insight, inspiration and actionable ideas so that they can have more impact, influence and income.

The Do Good and Make Money Super Summit will run February 1-8 2021, and enrolment marketing will start December 26th, 2020. This will mean five weeks to spread the word and build an audience. All speaking spots will be pre-recorded in December and January but the panels will be live during the Super Summit.

If you can deliver on our mission, we'd love you to consider speaking at our Super Summit. Take a look below, then complete a mini-application and we'll talk. 

Julia Felton and Tom Matzen
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

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our eight categories

The Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 will run over eight days.

One theme each day, designed to help entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders have more impact, influence and income.

These are:

Day One: Lead Generation

Day Two: Lead Conversion

Day Three: Systems

Day Four: Money Mastery

Day Five: Leadership & Strategy

Day Six: Abundant Life

Day Seven: Right People, Spectacular Results

Day Eight: Over Delivering Value

So your first step is to decide the top three categories that you can deliver actionable insights. 

Next up, decide which of the four tracks are best for you...

four tracks each day

One of the challenges we've had when participating in other Summits is matching our message to the varying audience experience levels.

To overcome that we have, for the first time, made one big change.

We've created four tracks over each day. As a speaker we want you to pick the track that best matches your Ideal Target Market. So step two is to identify the best track for your skills.

And then, what will be your top three actionable ideas you want to share and inspire others to implement?

My wisdom

Step 3 is where the rubber meets the road. 

For your top category and your best track, what are your top three actionable ideas you want to share in your session?

We're all about actionable ideas, hope you are too.

Next, let's discuss how you can monetize this appearance, ok? 🙂

how can i profit from sharing my wisdom?

Doing good and making money is more than a slogan for us. It's a way of life. And that applies to you.

While there is no fee to apply to be a speaker at our Super Summit, we still want you to be able to get a return on your time invested.

First, we will pre-record your interview/presentation to minimize your time needed. The Summit runs live February 1-8, 2021 but we'll record via Zoom in December and January.

Second, you'll get a "free gift" offer in the interview, and we'll also promote it on the daily summary email, and a dedicated page for the gifts. This should generate hundreds of opt-ins on it's own.

And third, anyone you send to the Summit that invests in our All Access Pass will earn you 50% of the sale. We have several other awesome prizes and rewards for all Referral Partners, you can learn more by clicking here.

next steps

We have a total of 32 main speaking spots available.

We also have a total of 40 panelist spots available, five each day over the eight days.  

Plus we will have eight keynote speakers, one each day.

So, as soon as you can, complete the mini Application below. And if you have any questions email julia@impactigniters.com

Julia Felton & Tom Matzen, 
Do Good And Make Money Super Summit 2021 Hosts

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